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BlindsSelf-confidence and preparedness against Disasters in Sudan

Why things are only getting worse and the papers are filled with stories of gloom and doom in Sudan?

By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

The answer to the previous questions needs to know the reasons first, as the saying goes, “if the cause is known, the wonder will be removed”! Having said the foregoing let us leaf through the possible underlying causes. The few of them out of many are the following:
• The lack of credible infrastructure to suit all seasonal climates
• Lack of planning appropriately ahead of the possibility of disasters happening
• Lack of putting into consideration the issues of Global Climate Change Declared by the United Nations
• Overconfidence, self-assurance and arrogance of the Sudanese people that reiterates boringly the syndrome of we are the best
• Lack of taking the lessons from the past event by the successive regimes
• Raising the Awareness of the Sudanese people about the dangers facing them will remain the duty of the Glorious December Revolution

The Current Flood Disaster:
In Sudan, the images of the catastrophe circulating over the past days of the unprecedented floods seemed extremely frightening, amid recognition by the government of the scale of the disaster. A hundred dead and 46 injured, and the total or partial destruction of tens of thousands of housing in 11 Sudanese states, are some of the losses that resulted from the recent floods in Sudan, which are included in a statement issued by the Sudanese Security and Defense Council, at dawn on Saturday 5 September, which is The statement that declared Sudan as a whole a natural disaster zone, in what Sudanese observers see, in recognition of its inability to address the repercussions of the floods, and that it implies a request for support from brothers, neighbours and the international community to deal with the situation. And the Sudanese Minister of Labour and Social Development, Lina Al-Sheikh, said that more than half a million Sudanese were affected by the floods that included most of the states, noting that they caused the total or partial collapse of more than 100 thousand homes. And international media including the BBC say that, within a month, devastating floods rolled over two Arab countries, Yemen and Sudan, which are suffering from deteriorating conditions, in services and infrastructure, and one of them has been suffering from a devastating war, for more than five years.

Illusory superiority is a type of psychological defence mechanism. Moreover, the causes of excessive self-confidence, in general, do not go beyond being human nature subject to psychological characteristics, and external influences and psychologists describe it as a false projection of what we do on the environment. Bearing in mind that projection in itself a psychological defence mechanism.

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